Designing is not only the static calculation of the device and its drawing. It is also important to know how the equipment will work, what requirements the user puts before him. That is why the basic operating parameters of the equipment are important to us:

  • Temperature – the equipment is operating at a constant temperature or the temperature is variable?
  • Medium – is it a pure chemical substance (water, acid etc.) or a specific mixture of compounds or a commercial product?
  • Working conditions and environment – the equipment is installed in the room or outdoors?
  • Functional requirements of the end user.

We’ve been doing it for a long time

We offer not only a complete executive design, but also on request, supervision over the implementation, technical and operational documentation, operating instructions, etc.

Cylindrical and rectangular storage tanks, intended for aggressive media, sewage or water. For the calculations, we use the guidelines of the German Welding Association (DVS). It is up to you whether we take into account additional elements such as ladders, platforms, sensors and probes in the design process.

Cylindrical and rectangular process tanks with additional equipment, such as: agitators, circulation pumps, heaters, coolers, etc. We will help you choose the device and its supplier.

Pre-treatment tanks used in the galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing process. We will make a project for you with the necessary equipment: traverse saddles, heating panels, a mixing system or bath filtration.

Scrubbers are devices for selective air purification. Our project includes a complete device, with a circulating pump, a neutralization and pH measurement system (if necessary), an automatic water filling system, etc. On request we will also come and start the device.